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To keep pace with the changing technology, companies require corporate trainers to upgrade their employees’ skills sets. The main aim of a corporate trainer is to improve efficiency, reduce cost, critically evaluate the skill-sets and implement strategies for continuous development.

Qualification: Certificate in training programmes like ‘Train the trainer’

Institutes: Management institutes, training and consulting firms, British Council

Duration: Six-months to one-year

Aptitude: Imaginative, hold engaging sessions, enthusiastic, extrovert with sense of humour, knowledgeable with updated industry information, flexible to meet different requirement of employees.

Career options: Government organisations, PSUs, private companies, multinational companies

Starting remuneration: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 10,000 per session

Challenges: Students are not below 20 but above 30. You will not begin your career as a corporate trainer unless you have gained some professional experience

But you will love your job because: you will be looked up to as a valuable resource to the organization. Training employees with technical and soft-skills to improve their efficiency and productivity will be credited as a winning advantage.

Coaching / Tutorial

With growing academic pressure, stiff competition and less time for working parents, coaching is a lucrative option for those who want to work from home. Coaching begins for students from as early as pre-primary level to senior classes and even from college.

Qualification: Thorough academic knowledge

Aptitude: Good communication, patience, effective questioning skills, qualified in the discipline, result-oriented

Career options: Coaching centres or establish as an independent tutor at home or online

Starting remuneration: Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20000 pm (coaching centre) / Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3000 a subject (per child) as independent tutor

Challenges: You have to stay updated with the curriculum changes and also pattern of entrance examinations for senior students. Parental expectation is often daunting. Plus there will be no summer vacation.

But you will love your job because: you will play an important role in improving skills and talents of pupils by giving them complete attention which they lack in school. You will have the benefit of teaching at your convenience in your comfortable zone.


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