Is Engineering for you?

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It is often a daunting task to realize your potential and decide on a career for a life-time. By now you may have gathered enough information on what engineering is and what your career will be. But you may be still a little uncertain to take the final call. Don’t worry as we will help you understand your potential and discover if engineering is for you.

Answer these following questions to get a clearer picture.

  • Do you like Maths and Science?
  • Do you like solving technical problems?
  • Did you play with blocks and Lego bricks to build a model as a child and still enjoy?
  • When stuck in traffic jam, do you imagine ways to ease the everyday problem?
  • Have you fixed any broken gadget – radio, television, computer, mobile or even a pen?
  • Do scientific formulas and principles excite you?
  • Are you eager to make a difference to the world with your innovation?
  • Are your calculations accurate most of the time?
  • Are you good at putting back things together than dismantling them apart?
  • Do you like structured schedule for the day?
  • Do you have the knack to identify a problem?

If most of your answers are ‘yes’ then congratulations, engineering is your foray. You have a scientific bent of mind and you like to design, create and innovate. Get ready to join the exciting profession of engineers!

In case, if you just realized that engineering is not for you, don’t be dismayed as we will help you zero in the other options. Go through our other sections and find out which interesting

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