Logistics refer to the commercial activity of transporting goods to customer. With frequent movement of goods and people these days, transport and logistics have grown to be a huge industry in itself offering attractive career opportunities. The transport and logistics sector comprises of freight logistics and passenger transport.

A profession in transport & logistics calls for a lot of planning and analysis in terms of shifting people, goods & services in the most efficient and safest way. It involves sourcing, purchasing and procurement of services or materials.

Some areas of this profession require specialised knowledge of engineering. However, in most cases, a graduate in any discipline can seek work in this field. A certain level of technical training is provided by the particular company before engaging people from general disciplines of study. Transport & logistics can be summed up as providing right goods at the right time and in the right quantity maintaining all quality standards. Broadly speaking, employment opportunities in transport and logistics can be grouped into: air transport, land transport, postal and courier activities, warehousing and support activities, water transport.

Avenues for you:

  • Transport Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Air Traffic Controller

Transport Manager:

A Transport manager plans schedules and routes of drivers in passenger transport, distribution and logistics. He also needs to see that environmental laws and safety rules along with hygiene conditions are maintained.

Qualifications: Business Management (specialization in Logistics or Supply Chain Management).


 Amity Business School

 Institute of Management Technology

 Management Development Institute

 IITs

 IIMs

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline

Aptitude: Good analytical skills, organizational and planning skills.

Career options: One can work as a Transport Manager in any of the top logistics companies. One can earn handsomely in foreign assignments. An experienced professional can also start his own transport business.

Starting remuneration: Rs30,000 – 35,000

Challenges: It involves irregular working hours and immense responsibility.

But you will love your job because: it gives very good financial growth, and travelling if you are fond of.

Purchase Manager:

The job of a Purchase Manager is to direct the buying activities for a company or any organization. He is responsible for finding sources of materials, bidding, arranging contracts and managing relationships so that purchases can be done at the lowest possible price.

Qualifications: Degree or Diploma in Sales & Marketing

Institutes: Any management institute

Duration: 2years

Eligibility: graduate in any discipline

Aptitude: very good analytical mind, tact and diplomacy along with negotiation skills.

Career options: A Purchase manager can get employment in the purchase department of any government or non-government organization.

Starting remuneration: Rs30,000 – 35,000

Challenges: might involve handling huge cash and keeping record of inventories which might be pressurizing at times. But you will love your job because: it gives you opportunity to explore new things and gain a lot of knowledge which would be very fruitful for future growth.

Warehouse Manager:

A warehouse manager is one who takes care of the warehouse or stock of goods. The responsibilities of a warehouse manager includes maintaining statistical and financial records, ensuring that quality objectives and delivery deadlines are met, administering stock control and ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.

Qualifications: Business Administration or Degree in Commerce.


 Any University offering graduation in Commerce stream



 Amity University

 IMT, etc (any institute offering management degree/diploma)

Duration: 2years for MBA, 3 years for Graduation

Eligibility: 10+2 for graduation and graduation in any discipline for MBA

Aptitude: very well organised in keeping records, should be ready to take responsibility, good numerical & logical skills.

Career options: A warehouse manager can find employed in logistics, distribution and haulage companies, manufacturers, the armed forces, commercial organisations and retailers.

Starting remuneration: Rs20,000 – 25,000

Challenges: It calls for a lot of responsibility and accountability. Its not a very relaxing job. But you will love your job because: it makes you very responsible and makes you feel very powerful.

Air Traffic Controller:

The role of Air Traffic Controllers maintain radio/radar contact with aircraft pilots within designated areas so that they can provide them with advice, instructions and information about weather conditions and safe flight, ascent and descent paths. Specialised training is provided.

Qualifications: Graduate in any discipline


 Delhi University

 Indraprastha University, etc

Duration: 3 years for Graduation

Eligibility: 10+2

Aptitude: applicants of air traffic control training need to have good eye sight and colour vision, good physical and mental health, problem solving and communication skills , ability to work under pressure and should be comfortable in using technology.

Career options: One find employment in Air Traffic and Freight Services, Armed forces and any airport.

Starting remuneration: Rs30,000 –35,000

Challenges: The workload can be very demading and pressurizing.

But you will love your job because: it gives very good financial growth and lot of exposure and learning experience.

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