The Indian Armed Force comprises four uniformed defense services – the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and the Indian Coast Guard. In addition, it is supported by several paramilitary forces. With approximately 1.5 million personnel, the Indian Armed Force is world’s third largest army in the world. The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence.


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  • Are you courageous and determined, and unlikely to give up at the first hurdle?
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If so, welcome to the Indian Armed Forces.

Become a defence officer and you’ll find a dynamic environment that will challenge and test you like no other, while offering the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications that will make you highly sought-after and employable in the outside world too. As one of the India’s largest employers, the Armed Forces offer outstanding training that is widely recognised and respected. Its development programme will help gain a range of skills that include self-confidence, leadership ability, decision-making, mental agility, communication and negotiation skills.

Officers in training can take advantage of plenty of benefits – from superb training and skills acquisition to playing favourite sports to even adventure trips. And it’s also worth remembering that while the standard of living for personnel is high, the actual cost of living is less and many living expenses are subsidized.

In short, rewards and benefits of armed training will last you a lifetime.