What is Engineering?

Engineering is problem solving.

We experience the effects of engineering in our everyday life – watching television, driving to office or college, answering the doorbell and even making a phone call! It is however not easy to define the broad parameters of engineering. Engineers enhance our living standards and also the quality of life in the society. Every aspect of our life has a direct co-relation with engineering – clothes that we wear, food we consume, buildings where we live in and work at, roads, vehicles, products we shop, electronic gadgets that make our life more efficient – they are all created or influenced by engineers.

Literally, engineering is to ‘make things happen’. Engineers design, calculate, organise and solve a practical problem with simple solutions — keeping the time, cost and benefits of people in mind. Engineers use their scientific knowledge to technical application and then to successful innovation. The world wouldn’t have been the same without our engineers. Today, many mushrooming career options appear more attractive vis-à- vis engineering which comprise difficult calculations and technical expertise. But engineering is not everybody’s cup of tea. All professions have moments of monotony but engineering offers an unique option of innovation – which may last for years and decades and continue to inspire generations to come – like the bulb of Thomas Alva Edison or the first flight by the Wright Brothers.

You may be next!

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