Why Engineering?


The career you choose today will mean that you will in the profession for the next 40 years and use your expertise to earn more than a livelihood. So you better be sure about what you decide. If you are tossing the idea of opting for admission to an engineering college, then read on for more convincing.

Profession with a purpose

As an engineer you will gain an insight into many things around you and gain a new perspective of perceiving. You will be the first to develop a new technology and test it for its environment sustainability. Further, you will have the rare opportunity to give back to the society. You will discover many ways that can benefit the environment and the society at large.

Excitement of innovation Innovation is always followed by excitement and thrill of creating something new. Engineering is not only about logical calculations but also about creative innovation. There will rarely be dull moment. Brainstorming sessions, adapting to new changes, exchanging ideas with colleagues and other teammates will keep your grey cells active and intrigued.

Travel across the world

Most of engineer’s work will be out outdoor. Projects can take you to destinations outside the country. While research and development will be at office and laboratories, implementation of projects is mainly in the field. Interacting with engineers from other countries will add new dimension and stimulation to your progress.

Gain knowledge

Technology changes every day and you will be among the first ones to know and benefit from it. Engineering is one of those few professions where learning never ends. You will have the opportunity to learn many facets of engineering through professional experience. Organisations go an extra mile to help there engineers receive state-of- the-art technology for their R&D and work.

Challenge and thrill

Engineering will ways keep you on your toes. There will be no innovation without challenges. But then you will never run short of ideas either. And you never know, you may be the first one to come up with a mind-blowing idea.

Reputed profession

Engineers have always earned respect for their knowledge, skill and intellect. Like any other conventional professionals, engineers are always looked up to for expertise and the fact that they can bring a significant change to our living conditions.

Financial Security

Starting remuneration of engineers is exceptionally well as compared to other disciplines. With development in rapid mode, there is an increasing demand for good engineers. There is ample of work opportunity but your personal career graph will solely depend on your merit and dedication.

An array of disciplines

There are many specialisations in the field of engineering. As an engineer, you will be able to associate with other disciplines and develop new products and technologies. This inter- relation with other profession makes work even more interesting and exciting and adds diversity to your work.

Good work-life balance

Work is demanding but not enough to not find time for yourself or family. Working hours are comfortable and often flexible if you are working at a site. Effective time management also brings in efficiency and higher productivity.