When you are at the crossroad of deciding your career and you are inclined towards medicine, you will find more reasons than one to opt for this esteemed profession. Consulting a doctor at some point of time is one thing and actually becoming one and treating patients is completely another. So in case you are wondering if medicine is the career for you, here are some reasons to bring more clarity and certainty in your decision making. Read on..

Humanitarian service

This is the most important and primary reason for anybody to choose to study medicine. The ability to cure the ill, reduce their pain and discomfort and make them happier and healthier is the greatest redemption. This is one of the rare professions that give a sense of achievement and satisfaction like no other.

Make new discoveries

Diseases are becoming more complicated and threatening with changing environment and circumstances. Medicine has seen many revolutions after the invention of the penicillin drug by Alexander Fleming. Many incurable ailments have been countered, however there are newer diseases everyday, posing as challenges for doctors to find their cure.

Team work

As doctors, you will work with a team of other doctors, medical staff, technicians and other members of the hospital administration. The support system is strong and boosts the confidence and morale during critical moments.

Reputation and respect

Doctors have always been at a pedestal next to God. We stay indebted to life-savers forever. No wonder they are at the zenith of the social pyramid. The profession will earn you high respect and reputation among your peers.

Increasing demand

The Government is opening many medical setups throughout the country to cater to the needs of our growing population. There is a high demand for good doctors across disciplines. India has become a hub for medical tourism where many foreigners visit to get treatment at economical value.

Constant learning

Learning does not end with medical school. In fact, the medical colleges provide the basics for accumulating further knowledge and skills. You will find an opportunity to attend international medical summits to gain an insight into latest medical development and also practice latest technology to treat patients. Further, newer inventions in medicine and methodology will always keep you on your toes.

Multitude of specialties

There are multiple specialties in the field of medicine and you can choose to work in a particular field of interest. Even if you opt to work as a general physician you can develop your special interest and offer consultation. Besides practicing, there are also options of teaching, research and management in medicine.

Secure job

Attrition of doctors is unheard of. Undoubtedly this is an extremely demanding job where doctors work round the clock, the remuneration most of the time matches the expectation. You may have to sacrifice personal plans for professional commitments, you will be allowed to take breaks to rejuvenate.

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