Sports is generally associated with entertainment and indulged mainly for physical and mental relaxation. The word “sport” is derived from the old French word “desport”, meaning “leisure”. Many people these days get engaged with some or the other kind of sport for physical fitness. However, views and attitudes are changing now as more and more people are taking up sports as a profession for life. The global sporting industry is worth up to $620 billion as of 2016, as stated by A.T. Kearney, a consultancy.

Academic qualification is not significant in any sport activities. Proper training, guidance and opportunity is the key to success in this field.  Let us discuss some of the most popular sports that are being taken up as a profession these days.

Avenues for you:

  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Boxing



Cricket is one of the most sought after sport activities especially in India these days. Unlike early times when parents would aspire their children to become doctors and engineers, cricket as a career option has gained prominence particularly among boys as this sport brings with it stardom, glamour and loads of money.

Training: One can start training under a personal coach right from the middle school days or can take up group coaching. Cricket is a mind game and requires good mental training on analysis and observation.


Duration: Continuous training for 1 year and more as long as the player desires.

Eligibility: Physically fit cricketers from 6 years to 25 years of age can be admitted.

Aptitude: Mental and physical fitness, dedication, discipline and focus on the game.

Career options:

  • Play in Ranji Trophy
  • League Matches
  • Play as a member of Indian Cricket Team,
  • Play Indian Premiere League (IPL)
  • Continue cricketing career as a Coach
  • Sports journalism
  • Cricket Commentators, etc.

Starting remuneration: As a beginner the remuneration may be as low as Rs10,000 per month which goes up to Rs1 crore per annum if one manages to get a place in the India Cricket team.

Challenges: One need to just focus on the game and try to achieve more and more success for self as well as for the team. It is a challenging field as one needs to prove oneself continuously on the ground. Staying physically fit at all times is another big challenge.

But you will love your job because: It’s a passion. A person who can combine passion and profession is one the luckiest person on earth. Moreover, success in cricket brings with it instant stardom, a huge fan following and of course lots of money and international visits.




This is a historic game, dating back to the ancient Greek times. Gradually over the years this sport has gained momentum and today it stands as a popular international sport. Many different varieties of hockey have come up in the passing years. Some of the most popular forms include Field Hockey, Ice Hockey (popular in Canada and North American countries), Roller hockey or quad hockey (played wearing roller skates), Sledge Hockey (for people with physical disabilities), Street Hockey or Road Hockey (played on a hard surface usually asphalt).

Hockey is the national sport of India. The Indian men’s field hockey team, with 8 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals, is believed to be the most successful field hockey team in Olympic history.

Training: Hockey training is an ongoing process, starting from childhood. One needs good amount of training in the technicalities, rules or the game and understanding the opponents tactis.


  • Netaji Subhas Natioanal Institute of Sports;Patiala
  • Motilal Nehru School of Sports
  • State & district levels stadiums all over India

Duration: Continuous training for 1 year and more as long as the player desires.

Eligibility: Physically & mental fitness candidates from 6 years to 25 years of age.

Aptitude: Team spirit, disciplined & focus.

Career options:

  • Play for national team
  • Play for state or district level teams.
  • Become a Hockey Coach
  • Sports journalism (special coverage of Hockey events & analysis)
  • Radio, Television or Ground Commentators..

Starting remuneration: Rs 10,000 onwards.

Challenges: One always need to move with the team. So, sometimes, individual talent and achievements are undermined in the greater interest of the team.

But you will love your job because: A lot of international exposure in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, etc. There is a sense of achievement for the country.




Badminton has always been a very interesting sport particularly in India where it is like a household game. Every member of the family tend to play this game without any formal training. It has its roots in British India. If we trace its history, Badminton is related to a game called Ball Badminton that originated in Tamil Nadu in south India and is also very similar to Hanetsuki in Japan. It was most popular in Poona town, under then British rule.

However, in contemporary times, Badminton has been widely accepted as an international sport and claims large popularity. It is taken up as a career option by boys and girls equally.

Training: Badminton training can start once the child is able to hold the racquet and hit the shuttlecock. Its basically mind body coordination.


  • Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy
  • Tata Padukone Badminton Academy
  • Gopichand Badminton Academy
  • Mohali badminton Academy

Duration: Continuous training for 1 year and more as long as the player desires.

Eligibility: the candidate should be around 7 years, physically and mentally fit.

Aptitude: Discipline, time management and concentration is the key to success.

Career options:

  • Play at national, state or district levels.
  • Compete at international tournaments.
  • Become a Coach
  • Radio, Television or Ground Commentators,  etc.

Starting remuneration: Rs 15,000 onwards.

Challenges: It’s a very competitive sport and one needs to extremely physically fit to maintain one rankings. One afford to lose a match.

But you will love your job because:  Its full of energy and fun. It gives the players a lot of international exposure and opportunity to make international records. Money and glamour invariably comes in with success.




Lawn Tennis or Tennis as commonly called, is a racquet sport that has its origination in Britain. Today it is apopular game all over the globe. There are several very famous world tournaments that gives more opportunity for players to compete with each other.

There are four Grand Slam tournaments which are very popular. Interestingly they are played on different forms of courts or grounds.

The Australian Open & US Open is played on hard courts; the French Open is played on red clay courts; and Wimbledon played is played on grass courts.

Training: Tennis requires a lot of energy and endurance both physically and mentally. Hence, require a lot of physical training along with technical training.


Duration: continuous training of minimum 1 year or more.

Eligibility:   can start training as early as 7 years.

Aptitude: physical fitness and an alert mind with extremely level of focus is necessary to be a successful tennis player.

Career options:

  • Play national & international matches
  • Be a coach
  • Be an analyst or commentator, etc.

Starting remuneration: Money flows in as one achieves an international rank. Beginning however, could be slow with Rs 15,000 plus.

Challenges:  It’s a very competitive field and one needs to be extremely physically fit to maintain the rankings. It calls for lot of hard work, exercise, training and determination.

But you will love your job because:  One gets an opportunity to prove oneself on the ground. Hard work is well rewarded.



Boxing is a combat sport that originated in ancient times as prizefights.  and called for knocking off the opponent to a state of unconsciousness. However, it is more of an entertainment and show of physical might and tactics in contemporary times.

In what used to be a male domain earlier, is now an arena where women are coming up in a big way making world records and winning championships. It is one of the most pular sports these days both among men as well as women.


Beginner may start training in local boxing gyms or with a personal coach. Boxing training calls for learning the basic technicalities, rules of the game and developing footwork.


  • Sanshinkan Martial Arts & Fitness Pvt. Ltd.
  • Martial Art Training Center
  • India Thai Boxing Chennai
  • Any state or district indoor stadium

Duration: 1 year is minimum and maximum as long as the player wants.

Eligibility:  physically strong 8 year olds can start training.

Aptitude:  mental alertness, agility, power, endurance and mental toughness.

Career options:

  • Play national, international, state and district level matches
  • Participate in Olympic and Commonwealth games
  • Become a Coach

Starting remuneration: Rs 10,000 plus at an initial level.

Challenges:   one needs extreme level of physical and mental toughness. So, it demands a lot of hard work and discipline.

But you will love your job because:  One gets to prove one’s power at an international level. It gives a lot of confidence along with money and glamour.


Wrestling :


Wrestling is a combat sport that has become quite popular in recent times. Particularly after the great victory of Indian wrestlers in Commonwealth Games and Olympics, this sport has gained momentum among youngsters in India.

This is a historic game and glimpses of this sport can be seen in the paintings and stone carvings of ancient Egypt. In India as well this sport has great historic past and is associated with the strong and mighty.

Some of the techniques of Wrestling have been included in martial arts and used in training the soldiers in the army.

It is known as Pehlwani or kusti in India. The basic training and physical exercises can begin as early sa 6 years. However, the technical training begins in the teens.

Today, wrestling is not just limited to Aakharas or traditional training centres but has moved on to the stadiums where a more professional approach is given to the game.  Both man and woman can practice this sport and can participate in various national and international tournaments.



Shooting refers to usage of firearms. It is a competitive sport wherein firearms and airguns are used to hit a target.  In earlier times shooting sport was similar to hunting. But in recent times it is one of the very popular international sports.

In India specially, Shooting has always been considered as a sport of the elite class of people. This is because it involves costly weapons. However, with the huge success of Indian shooters like Abhinav Bindra and Major Rajyavardhan Rathore at international tournaments, young people in India feel motivated to take up this sport.

A shooter should ideally be very focused and must develop good analytical skills to hit the target. Early training and regular practice is bound to bring in success in this field.

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